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We offer a full line of custom cutting and wrapping services and carry an assortment of retail meat products for both wholesale and individual needs. Our meat cutters use their knowledge and expertise to cut your meat in such a way that leaves the least amount of waste while providing the highest quality of cuts.

Slaughter Services

  • Cow, Steer or Heifer
  • Bulls or Bison
  • Pig
  • Lamb or Goat

Kill and Chill services available – call for pricing and availability

Custom Cut & Wrap Services

  • Cattle/Bison
  • Pig
  • Lamb/Goat

(Minimum $100 on Lamb cut & wrap)

Wild Game Processing

  • Deer
  • Large Game Cut and Wrap

After hours drop off available. Please call us at 306-631-6328 for details!

Value-Added Processing Services

  • Farmer’s or Breakfast Sausage
  • Hamburger Patties
  • Whole Muscle or Pressed Jerky
  • Minimum 25 lbs batch for sausage and patties
  • Minimum 10 lbs for whole muscle jerky.
  • Pork, bacon and specialty ingredients such as cheese or jalapeños extra.


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